Secret Garden Festival for beginners

· Thursday February 18, 2016

Secret Garden Festival is one of those experiential weekends that are hard to put into words. Held on an elaborately decorated farm, it's a jamboree of like minded fruit cakes getting together to adorn themselves and the trees with colour. Not to make it sound too 'Midsummer Night's Dream on drugs', it's basically a relaxed music and art festival with the added bonus of ticket and bar sales going to charity. One day tickets are already sold out, but you can still grab a two night pass and hop on the friendly bus services from Central or Campbelltown station. Bring a tent, bring your most likely to dress-up mates and know that your unabashed revelry is going towards good causes.

We asked one of the performers Matt Format to try to encapsulate the festival for someone who might be making the trek for the first time. Here are his friendly instructions on how to lose yourself in the 'playground for adults'.

The Secret Garden is a much-loved Australian music and arts festival, held amongst a stunning wilderness. The site is handed over to an incredible crew of artists, architects, performers and designers who transform the wilderness into a playground for adults. It bursts with comedians, bands, dancers, games, plays and of course our treasured Drag Queen area. 

Camp Queen is the brainchild of Myself and Joel De Sa, two talented, creative alternative drag performers and artists. With Secret Garden just days away, here are some tips and stories for festival first timers or punters wanting to brush up on their Gardening skills. 


There is so much going on at Secret Garden. Make sure you try and see it all.

Leave Your Crew


Disappear for a while and go meet some new people. Gardeners are so friendly, it is like a big house party.

Lose Your Self


Leave your inhibitions behind and join the Secret Garden debaucherous playground.  It’s a visually rich and kind environment, where no-one judges you for being different. In fact at Secret Garden individuality is celebrated. Hug a stranger for at least 8 seconds.

Visit Camp Queen


All year round, Joel De Sa and I dream up Camp Queen. Camp queen is free of judgement, full celebration and a life changing experience. We make festival friends every year and create sweet, sexy memories.

Costume Tips


More is more. This year's Friday night theme is 'Space Cowboy', so  have an ‘emergency moment’ bag with gaffa tape, glitter, eyelashes, glue, condoms and lube.

High-five Someone in the Family


Secret Garden is put on by a massive team of volunteers, just like Joel and I. They are the most fun, exciting, creative, talented, loyal, fun, sexy and up for fun crew of people who put on the best party of the year. Thank them if you see them floating around.