~ The Thousands Horoscopes ~ Sagittarius Season (Nov 22nd to Dec 22nd)

· Thursday November 24, 2016

It’s time, my children. Let’s go on a journey. Sagittarius season is here, let's experience new things. Scorpio season may've brought out our inner hedonist but the mutability of Sagittarius season allows us to forge our own path, with some guidance from Jupiter. Basically, this all adds up to say: you do you. As long as you keep moving forward this season – and trust me, it is imperative that you keep travelling (in some sense) during Sag season – you can pretty much just stick to your guns and know that what you’re doing is probably the right thing. Isn’t that nice! No ~stressful omens~ at the moment, no fears about sex, death and resurgence like in Scorpio season, just a good old fashioned Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Nov 22 to Dec 22
For the past few months I’ve been telling you to keep it taking it easy, to avoid travel and save your money and energy for something big. And now’s the time Sag! Now’s the time to take that money and those emotions and that energy and go on a fucking journey. Most Sagittarians crave physical travel, whether that be long or short distance, so take stock of what you can afford (in every sense of the word) and go where you can. Maybe that’s camping, maybe it’s to Italy, maybe it just means going to a hotel for a night and immersing yourself in new surroundings; either way, just think about where you want to go, where you can go, and where you should go, then go there. And make no mistake – it’s important that you realise what you can afford to do. Don’t overspend, and don’t push past your limits. Saturn, the ruling planet of practicality and limitations, is in your house right now and you’d be wise to follow the path he's set.

CAPRICORN ~ Dec 23 to Jan 20
Capricorn, Capricorn. Mars has come and gone, and passion is no longer ruling your house. Time to stop making those ‘Love On The Brain’ jokes, because right now it's all about looking inward. Last season I told you to think about your life as a web and to stop compartmentalising each facet of your world. That will be particularly crucial in Sagittarius season, friend. Pluto and Venus are driving through Capricorn like bullets right now. You can let them pierce you or you can dodge them (and become stronger for it). Pluto rules power and transformation, while Venus guides harmony. Get your affairs in order, Capricorn, and a transformation may be imminent.

AQUARIUS ~ Jan 21 to Feb 19
You tend to hide from emotional openness, Aquarian, but now’s not the time for that. Mars is in your house and he’s stoking the fire in places where you’re usually accustomed to ice. Passion is ruling your life for the next couple of cycles, so while the uncompromising side of your personality will be useful, you need to channel Mars’s fire and break through your emotional barrier. Passion doesn’t only mean romantic love – Mars can bring you heightened creativity and power. So, with the season of journeys at hand, it’s time for some self-interrogation: what are you passionate about? And what are you looking for? Will you find a dreamy fairytale romance in a Pisces? Or will the explosion and heat of an Aquarius/Leo combination be too good to resist? Perhaps you’ll find an ideal creative partnership with a Libra or Gemini. Passion can be the guiding force for happiness and strength, but be careful of its power, Aquarian – Mars is named after the God of War for a reason.

PISCES ~ Feb 20 to Mar 20
So, last season your outlook was cooked as hell because of the the transit of Chiron and Neptune through your house. They were also both in retrograde last season, which probably led to some genuinely trashy internal feelings. I have some good news and bad news about that. First, Chiron is still in retrograde which means your healing process won’t start for a while. The said, Neptune is now out of retrograde so healthy progress has been made! Enter Sagittarius season with a positive outlook – an idealistic one, if you will, as Neptune governs idealism and positivity – and find a journey that suits you. Try stay attuned to physical and spiritual harmony and pick a destination that challenges you to create your own positivity. The dark days are over, Pisces – embrace the light and power of Neptune and in return, find enlightenment.

ARIES ~ Mar 21 to Apr 20
Now, the theme so far with my Sagittarius scopes has been choosing your own path but things are a little different for you Aries. Three planets are travelling through your domain this season – Ceres, Eris and Uranus – and all three are in retrograde. Basically, this all adds up to say one thing: stay in your lane. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and Chiron the planet of discord, but retrograde means that this is all inverted. Don't fan the flames, follow rules when you can. Small gains may give you the impression you’re on the right path, but be wary of the tricks Ceres plays when in retrograde. See that these these small gains don't lead to a massive loss. Big things are heading your way, Aries; by December 28th this nightmare will all be over as Uranus finishes its retrograde cycle in Aries. Until then, stay cautious and try not to cause friction – if there’s one piece of advice I can give to all my children (but especially Aries) it’s this: don’t play with the planets.  

TAURUS ~ Apr 21 to May 20
It’s been a rough couple of months, Taurus, but I have some good news! There are no planets in your house for the foreseeable future, so you can use this time for some much needed rest. Look upwards and onwards as you move through the rest of the year; there will always be people who try to push us down, but the importance and power of hard work can never be understated (as you already know). Venus – your ruling planet – is in Capricorn right now, the house of motivations and social status. There’s some room to push your Tauran ambition into overdrive. Your Sagittarian journey this season is likely a creative one. But as always, you’re most creative and productive when things are in a state of harmony. Stay wary of imbalances and move away from unnecessary emotional conflict. Trust your instincts Taurus you’re on the right path.

GEMINI ~ May 21 to Jun 21
Mercury – your ruling planet – is in Sagittarius atm, and enters Capricorn on December 3rd. Basically, you’ve got about a week to think about the way you communicate with others and with yourself before your inward facing thoughts come to a head in the real world. Your inclination right now will be to shield yourself from the world, Gemini, but fight it – your transit outward and into the world is a real vibe right now. Break down barriers, Gemini, and let your new unified self take you on a journey of renewal.  

CANCER ~ June 22 to July 23
Last season I told you to cut ties with toxic people in your life, Cancer – how did that go for you? Theoretically, it went well, and you’re now living life to your carefree fullest. But I have a feeling that your quiet Cancer laziness got the most of you, so maybe you didn’t excise all the negativity from your life. But that’s fine! You’re all good. This season’s a chill one for you, so keep it relaxed – go camping, go hiking, get into nature etc etc. Let your Cancer intuition guide you. You know what to do.

LEO ~ Jul 24 to Aug 23
We’re at a crossroads, Leo. And I can’t stress the importance of making careful, careful decisions this season. You might think you know the correct way forward, but sometimes the unusual pathways are exactly where we need to go. Confer with friends and family about how to make life choices, and be reassured in their experience and wisdom. This one’s a team effort Leo – but don’t worry, you’ll be reaping the Lion’s share of the reward.

VIRGO ~ Aug 24 to Sep 23
Virgo! Jupiter has just left your house, but don’t worry – your luck hasn’t run out yet. New love is on the horizon, or maybe it’s already made itself known; remove yourself from your nitpick-y Virgo tendencies and look at the bigger picture. Who knows, maybe you’ll begin to see things in a different light. Last week was time to take it easy, but Sagittarius season is the opposite – you need to do what Virgos do best, and plan ahead. Sagittarius season hits right as we begin to assess the year past and contemplate the year ahead. For you, this isn’t just a fun yuletide activity – it could be make or break. Play your cards right and your good fortune might just continue all the way through 2017.

LIBRA ~ Sep 24 to Oct 23
Jupiter lies right in the middle of your house, Libra, and with Makemake and Haumea on either side of it, you’re finally getting some of that much-loved Libra harmony. Things are evening out as we enter the final moments of 2016. Sagittarius season rewards autonomy and, since you’re all about harmony, go with what you know. Pair yourself with a fellow Air sign and lock down what you desire. After all, sometimes you just need to breathe.

SCORPIO ~ Oct 23 to Nov 21
For you, Scorpio, last season was all about self-interrogation. And now that that self-interrogation is over, what have you deduced about the way you live your life? Do you like what you see in the mirror? If you do, I congratulate you – but if you don’t, there’s no need to worry. Follow the light of Sagittarius’s fire and realign yourself with your purpose in the world. Your natural inclination is to gravitate towards bright reds and scarlets, colours of lust and passion and power but take it easy this season Scorpio. Relish in the blues and greens of nature and try not to see red, lest your more self-destructive tendencies rise to the surface. Which isn’t to say, of course, that you can’t have fun – if anything, you should have a Big One this season; just stay safe and let the lucidity of last season bleed into kick-ons, wherever you may end up.