The Wall

· Wednesday November 7, 2007

Bigger than Backstreet, the Terminator and Chucky, The Wall is back with an artillery of art, sound and street food (and no thick Austrian accents).

They might have swapped dingy Cleveland for dodgy Cross, but The Wall's premise is unchanged. As a platform for artists' work, the night still kicks it, this - combined with local DJs and market stall add-ons - has us geared up for boozing and dancing while pro analysing “the postmodern juxtaposed with the modernist Art Nouveau bent”. Neh? That, or “graf” from Glenn Purcell, Andrew Oatway, Samuel Hammer, Brendon Ussher, Michael Bennett and Chris Kiprovski.**The launch party next Wednesday promises to be bigger than Bjork on the Opera House steps. Well maybe not bigger, but definitely decent-er. Kato, Spruce Lee and Sleater Brockman will be spinning for Heaps Decent an initiative that is wacking the Sydney music scene into shape by providing young, indigenous musicians with the support and resources to create their sound. See you there.