American: The Bill Hicks Story

· Wednesday October 6, 2010

If you were born in the late 80s or onwards, unless you have a punk rock dad or hippy ma, you might not have heard of Bill Hicks. The genius/pioneer of American black comedian. See, this guy was critiquing advertising before any LA hipster thought of critiquing American Apparel's sexy ads. From patriotism to LSD, to his trademark jokes about smoking, Hicks never watered down the truth for a good joke. The reason this guy is so hilarious (and shocking), is he's goddamn fearless. Dying prematurely 16 years ago of pancreatic cancer, Hicks has had the posthumous success familiar to Saturn Returners.

First shown at SXSW Festival, American: The Bill Hicks Story documents Hicks' life through the eyes of his family and friends. Though some of the montages in the film are a little distracting,  (especially the scene where they're having revelations on mushrooms), the collated stand up and story of Bill Hicks' acerbic wit is well worth it's weight in comedic gold. He's like the motivational speaker that hates motivational speakers (keep a pen and paper handy for quotes that choke). He makes Hunter S Thompson look like a pansy. See this movie before Russell Crowe ruins Bill Hicks for everyone.