· Wednesday April 15, 2015

West of the city centre lies a place where curry maniacs gather: Dhaba☆Kunitachi. And for those in the know, the authentic and deliciously spicy South Indian cuisine is well worth the trip to Kunitachi's Morogoro Cafe each and every Tuesday.

Dhaba☆Kunitachi's chef Toru Suda visited India in his teenage years and it was there he developed a love for South Indian food. While studying at college, Toru worked as an apprentice at Anjuna – a lovable Indian restaurant in Takahata-fudo – as well as spending three months training at a small vegetarian restaurant in Chennai. As he continues to learn his trade, Toru now works at Nishi-Shinjuku's Cochin Nivas and on Tuesdays holds Dhaba☆Kunitachi not far from where he grew up in Kunitachi – 35 minutes from Shinjuku.

While the curry and cuisine changes week by week, meals usually contain a dozen or so dishes that include meat and vegetarian curries, salad, soup, deep-fried bread, pickles and more. Sip by sip and bite by bite, each colourful dish reveals deep flavours and spices that may leave you planning a return the following Tuesday.