· Friday January 31, 2014

A pendant light that comes to life with a mystical glow, TOU-LIGHT resulted from a collaboration between Tokyo-based product designer Hikaru Yajima and Uzan-yoh, a pottery studio from Shigaraki – an area renowned throughout the country for its ceramics. For the 2010 Life Ceramics exhibition in their hometown, Uzan-yoh's craftsmen teamed up with Yajima and experimented with Shigaraki Lucent Ware, a ceramic material through which light softly permeates.

Hand-shaped and resembling a bulbous firework shell, the white, glass-flecked ceramic is equally as beautiful in use as it is when left idle. It becomes almost unrecognisable with the turn of a switch – the lucent clay lights up like the pre-dawn sky, glowing warmly and shedding a soft, golden light into the surrounding space.