Photo Diary by Tamami Iinuma

Thursday June 12, 2014

“Ueno is at the core of Tokyo’s art and culture scene. It has a unique diversity and multiple layers of urban creation: stories of our past, fragile moments of the present, and a sense of the future that awaits. Drawing a promenade through the Ueno forest, one can pass by the museums designed by Le Corbusier (National Museum of Western Art) and his apprentice Kunio Maekawa (Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall, National Museum of Western Art Annex), and a palace for the youth’s enthusiasm for creation, Tokyo National University of the Arts.”

Tamami Iinuma is a Tokyo-born artist currently enrolled in the doctoral program at Tokyo University of the Arts. Constantly examining the relationship between photography and bibliography (based on architectural gaze), her recent series 'Landscape in Modern Architecture, Bauhaus,' and 'Salute, Mr.Bruno Taut' have been presented in Japan and throughout Europe.