Photo Diary by Yumiko Kikuchi and Matsuki Narishige

Tuesday October 7, 2014

“Hello Tokyo. How was your day. It's been 15 years since I first met you. I love you by the way. I really do. I know you don't even see me, and you don't care much about me. As usual, you leave me alone. Your indifference, and your open disregard shocked me once. But now that I know, that gives me a solid sense… that I belong to you. The more you bypass me, the more you glance away, the more I feel like I am attached to you. You see Tokyo, your abruptness is merely a means to allow me anonymity. I can wander around inside of you, without being recognized. You let me pass unnoticed through your bosom, to see your true nature. You are such a big person, Tokyo. I can see you and your people. Your buildings, your bridges, your trains and your trees and the birds. I see you, when I am all alone. You cut me out of you. You alienate me. And all the more, I see you with this intimacy. Your detachment generates my intimate gaze. In the brightest morning, through the darkest night, when the howling of a dog is heard, I see you. In this contented solitude, I see you. I love you Tokyo. You don't smile back. But still, I will smile at you.”

Yumiko Kikuchi is a Tokyo-based writer and translator. Since 2011 she has published a personal literary magazine, (unintended.) L I A R S, which can be found at various bookstores in Tokyo and the Kansai Region.

Matsuki Narishige is a photographer and owner of a hair salon. Since 2010 he has shot photos of his partner Yumiko, and held his first solo exhibition at Snow Shoveling in 2013. He has published two photo zines to date, 'Kami Ga Hadaka Nanode Totemo Kowai To Kimi Ga Iu' and 'The Spherical World That I Live In'.