· Tuesday April 21, 2015

Not just selling products but presenting them as works of art, Graphpaper is the latest specialty store to be produced by Takayuki Minami, a creative director known for his role in creating influential retail spaces such as Nakameguro’s lifestyle boutique, 1LDK.

Unlike Takayuki's previous retail projects, Graphpaper is more gallery than store – a flexible space where he curates and exhibits the items he loves and recommends. At first sight, the room appears to simply contain black rectangular paintings hung on a white wall, yet pulling each one out reveals hidden drawers and shelves filled with a selection of clothes, accessories, kitchenware and interior goods. Organised irrespective of their genre, brand or origin, each piece is placed on an equal standing, allowing its quality and genuine beauty to be fully appreciated. 

Amongst the store’s traditional craft goods is a series of Japanese crockery by Sueki Ceramics that was created in the old pottery town of Ootani-yaki no Sato, Tokushima Prefecture. Up and coming Japanese brands have also produced special items for Graphpaper and include Comoli’s simple menswear tailored to the Japanese climate and Auralee's everyday basics. Through in-store encounters with Takayuki's curated selection of items, we can began to think about the lifestyle we want to create.