Mag by Louise

· Monday April 20, 2015

Following on from its charming and slightly hard-to-find predecessor, Mag by Louise is a shop that lifts your mood with a unique mix of music, literature, home-style cooking and of course, flowers.

Hidden away in a small stack of shops not far from Yoyogi Uehara station, Mag by Louise came about when self-taught florist Toshie Kawamura sought to create a flower shop that could offer more than just bouquets for special occasions. Building upon the casual charm that made Louise a remedy for a wearisome day, she has added edible and cultural pick-me-ups including coffee via Coffea Ex Libris, several shelves worth of inspiring reads from B&B, and a refreshing mix of classical, upbeat and left-field background music – all of which make it that little bit easier to relax and recharge.

As day turns to night, you’ll often find Toshie’s sister (and food co-ordinator by trade) Shizue in the kitchen as she prepares mini dinner sets for customers to enjoy amongst the in-store greenery. And with music buzzing from the speakers and seminal photo books to browse, not to mention steaming bowls of soup, rice and daily specials at the ready, Mag by Louise is exceptionally good at helping you wind down.