· Tuesday March 10, 2015

A former factory turned art space on the verge of Tokyo Bay, TOLOT/heuristic brings together large scale works and white cube galleries to create an off-centre experience for curious and well-travelled visitors alike.

Spread across 1320 square metres in Shinonome, TOLOT/heuristic is the work of Atom Suematsu, an avid art collector and CEO of the online photo-book publisher TOLOT. Located above the company’s offices and printing factory, the hybrid space opened in 2013 and offers the chance to experience contemporary art in a setting far removed from the compact galleries of the inner-city. Selected pieces from Suematsu’s personal collection are spread throughout the second floor space, with Thomas Houseago's colossal bronze figure seemingly waiting for you at the top of the stairs, alongside works by Gerhard Richter and Joseph Kosuth. The striking white cubes are home to satellite outposts for a number of Tokyo’s contemporary galleries − G/P Gallery, Yuka Tsuruno Gallery and hiromiyoshii Tokyo – while the largest of the spaces hosts externally curated exhibitions, having previously featured works by the likes of Kishio Suga, Gregor Schneider and José Parlá.

While the likes of Kiyosumi-shirakawa, Roppongi and Ueno have become widely known for their galleries, museums and theatres, Shinonome remains largely off the cultural radar – an industrial area where freight trucks easily outnumber fans of contemporary art. Yet those willing to take a trip across the water will encounter an expansive art space unlike any other within the city's bounds.